Lost, Mullet, PumpCast, Huh?

You can’t tell from this picture, but the guy sitting down eating looked exactly like Ben Linus from LOST.

This guy works at our Costco. He’s got what I call the “King Mullet”. Simply amazing.

That’s a TV on the gas pump at Shell. When I started pumping gas, it said, “Good to see you!”

FEAR THIS, is what it says. I don’t know, I just can’t imagine being scared of a Toyota Corolla…

7 thoughts on “Lost, Mullet, PumpCast, Huh?

  1. T

    Yeah, they have those TV’s everywhere around here (Chicago). The mullet guy – wow – he should get an award for that one…maybe…a makeover!

  2. James McLean

    does every guy in temecula still have a giant truck that is raised like 20 feet off the ground? and every soccer mom drive an H2? just checking. 🙂

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