LOST: Jughead

milesWell, I’m not committing to blogging every episode like I’ve done in previous seasons – way too much work. But we’re back on the wagon for watching at least. This episode was quite a mind trip. Here’s a quote from Jen:

I hate this show, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

I know, a little harsh – but I get it. It’s like a love/hate relationship. You love it because it keeps you wondering, thinking, guessing – and you hate it for the same reason.

So tonight we watched it on abc.com – which by the way streams an HD signal – which looks amazing! What stinks is that you have to click after every ad to get it started again (unlike www.hulu.com). Still better than paying for cable or satellite. Anyway here’s some thoughts for what they’re worth:

  • Widmore was on the island, better yet he was an ‘other’ – wow.
  • Was that girl actually Daniel’s mom? Eloise Hawking?
  • And Daniel’s mom was the woman who sold Desmond his wedding ring and told him all about his future..?
  • The bomb. OK, so 50 years in the future it hasn’t gone off. AND the island moves through time. BUT the first time we see the island move – it actually disappears… SO did it blow up at some point?
  • Lock tells Richard to come visit him. Richard visits Lock (we already know this) because Lock told him to (we didn’t know that). Lock told Richard to visit him because Richard told Lock to tell himself that…
  • All I wanted was for Desmond to find Penny for so long – now he’s screwing that all up!
  • Polar bear on the painting in Widmore’s office.
  • Best quote of the night? (something to the effect of) “I’m fine too” – Miles

Those are the things that left an impression on us. What about you?

5 thoughts on “LOST: Jughead

  1. chriswhill

    Ok….so….the reveals and the new questions are about equal now.

    -I think the fact that Penny’s baby is named Charlie is a really big deal.
    -Richard is really old. I guess we caught a glimpse of him before he new the full potential of the island.
    -We know that “jughead” is buried on the island. We also know that when the number sequence wasn’t pushed, something in the island worked as a giant electro magnet…..which can’t be good for the giant bomb planted in it.
    -speaking of electro-magnetism…a man named Michael Faraday is the father of electro-magnetism..says wikipedia…interesting.
    -Was the sister of the girl Daniel Faraday supposedly “messed up” the same lady that was in the butcher shop that Ben talked to last week? I’m pretty sure she was.

    Oh man…I do love/hate this show as well..

    chriswhills last blog post..The Wilderness of Church 2.0

  2. Kim B

    i agree, the name of the baby is very important! I have even heard people speculate that it might be that Charlie, in fact, grows up and becomes Penny’s dad…try to figure that one out! I don’t think so.

    I do think that our beloved Charlie, (you know, the one who dies saving everyone) will somehow live on in this child. If they have a second kid named Liam, I guess we’ll know for sure! I don’t know how that could factor in, really. But perhaps we’ll see more of our old Charlie in this season

    Charlotte is more important than we think. I think we’ll be surprised when we find out more about her connections to the island. And her eyes creep me out.

    I am 100% convinced that the older Widmore will end up on the island at some point. They made such a point of him saying “You think he knows his way around my island better than I do?” I think he’ll be around for the final “Armageddon”.

    And Ben told Widmore he would kill Widmore’s daughter…I absolutely believe Ben will do so, but I think there will be a twist there, maybe another daughter exists who hasn’t been revealed yet, maybe even someone we already know. I really don’t want it to be Penny!

    One last thought…I am racking my brain trying to remember if anything happened on the island in previous seasons that would indicate a possible encounter with our time-traveling lostie friends…like if someone did something completely unexplainable and we will late find out that they had had a visit or something (like when John met Ethan by the plane.) I think it would be fascinating if that had been incorporated all along.

    Remember the two Losties that got buried alive? I never felt like that had a resolution, it was actually a weird and awkward thing to throw in there. Maybe we’ll somehow revisit that so it makes more sense to the whole story?

  3. amanda

    I so love this show 🙂 I’m not quite done with my write up for this week but I pretty much talk about everything you have here. And yes I totally think that Ms. Hawking is Daniel’s mom and this episode proves it. I will be really disapointed if they blow up the island or something in the end but I don’t see why else the writers would put a nuclear bomb on the island. Can’t wait for next week! I also think the fact that Widmore was an Other is really crazy because that would mean that he and Ben must have been on the same “side” at one point.

  4. alex

    Kim, awesome points & I totally forgot about the buried alive. I do want to go back and watch it all again to see if there’s any of those moments where someone might have got a visit – but wouldn’t the sky turn bright? Oh yeah, and the first time we didn’t push the button… did the Island move then?

    Amanda, great to see you back here! I also will be bummed if they blow up the island – but really how else does it literally disappear? Here we go again!

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