LOST: Jacob's Eye & Locke Questions

Ok, we’re watching LOST 4.1, again. This time with no distractions and looking for all the clues. We just watched the Jacob scene frame by frame, and I am pretty convinced that Christian Shephard is in the chair. As far as the eyeball goes, well, we think Charlie is a good candidate.

This site has a good screen capture of the Eyeball and of Christian Shephard.

The same site has a theory about Jacob that says he manifests himself in people’s painful memories – very interesting. Here’s some more Jacob theories.

On to Locke…

We’re wondering why we didn’t wonder more about Locke’s miraculous healing from the gunshot wound and being paralyzed again in a 10 foot deep mass grave (what did Walt have to do with it?). And why didn’t Ben look surprise to see Locke when he showed up and threw the knife into Naomi’s back?

Huh? Zoinks!

2 thoughts on “LOST: Jacob's Eye & Locke Questions

  1. Becky

    Ooooo this is great! I didn’t even think about the eyeball being Charlie. I thought it might have been that creepy cyclops guy. But we watched the Jacob scene in slow motiong and think Jacob is Jack’s dad too!

    So here’s a question. Who is that scary black guy that showed up at the mental institution?

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