LOST in 4 days!


The countdown is on. T minus 4 days, I’m sure someone out there has an exact minute counter – I’m just to busy to find it. But in honor of the new season I will post something dealing with LOST each day for the next day and then on the last day I will be live blogging through the episode. I know that Connor will be all about it!
In case you missed it, I posted about the 8 minute catch up movie that is free from iTunes. Make sure you’re all caught up by Thursday night! (we’re considering a LOST premier party…)

We can’t wait! 

7 thoughts on “LOST in 4 days!

  1. WorshipCity

    HAHA! I told Rae this morning: LOST THIS WEEK! Every day I’m going to post something about Lost until it airs! I can’t wait.

    Then I pop over here to see our mind meld has already begun! HA! I can’t wait man. It looks like Lock has pulled ahead in your poll. That’s actually interesting.

  2. James McLean

    can’t stand Locke. anyways, it is going to be incredible, more rabbit trails and me foolishly following them because i’m curious.

  3. alex mclean

    Yeah Lock really bugs me – he always seems to screw things up for the audience – I guess that’s why he’s so popular!

  4. Becky

    I wanted to vote for Charlie but he wasn’t an option. So I went with my second fave, Sawyer.

  5. alex

    I tried to keep only the living people (but who knows if Charlie is really gone?)

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