LOST: Eggtown (Live Blogging)

locke.jpgBen is crafty, Locke is pissed.

Freckles doesn’t trust James (is Kate pregnant?).

Flash forward: Kate’s back in prison. (I wonder how she gets out of this one?)

Locke killed a chicken. “If I was a dictator I would just shoot you and go on with my day… Dinner’s at 6”.

Hurley: “You just totally Scooby Doo’d me didn’t you?”

Miles give me the creeps, so does the guy he wants one minute’s time with.

Kate has a SON? OMG!
He will bring tremendous sympathy – this tells me that Kate’s son is suffering with some kind of disability, birth defect, mental illness – something from being conceived on the island.

Dr. Shepherd swears to tell the truth (this is gonna be good). Jack said “crash landed”, not “crashed”, hmmm.
“Only 8 of survived the crash – we landed in the water – I was hurt pretty bad…” come on Jack, you liar! (but please, keep talking!).
“She tried to save the other 2 but they didn’t…” (Jack get’s cut off by Kate) COME ON KATE! Let him finish the story!).

Sawyer: “I know it’s in a box, but pretty damn good wine”.

Sawyer: “If Hugo knows, everybody knows”.

Uh-oh, Miles is gone – Locke’s pissed again.

Ben: “3.2 million dollars? Why not 3.3 or 3.4?”

Miles knows that Kate is a bad girl.

(I say to Jen: “This is a big episode”. Jen shakes her head.)

Uh-oh, where’d the helicopter go?

Man, Locke is really pissed now!

Kate’s not pregnant? (she’s a case, no wait Sawyer’s a case, no wait they both are)… SLAP! (that hurt).

Kate’s home free!

Kate: “You know Jack, I’ve heard you say that story so many times – I’m starting to think you believe it”.

Jack still loves Kate.

Jack doesn’t want to see the baby. Kate wants him to – then they could live happily ever after…
I think Jack doesn’t want to see it cuz he can’t fix it.
Jen thinks it’s because it’s Sawyers.

Will we see him?…

(I say, “Is it Aaron?”)

IT’S AARON! We were BOTH wrong!

What an episode, oh my. We think that was probably the best one of the season.

What did you think?

As usual, here’s Conner’s thoughts.

7 thoughts on “LOST: Eggtown (Live Blogging)

  1. James McLean

    yeah i pretty much figured it was Aaron. So why is Jack afraid to see the baby then? Where did the helicopter go? and why do people keep following Locke when he has no clue what he is doing?

  2. WorshipCity

    OK I called it WAY earlier in the episode than you 🙂
    I can’t believe ya’ll thought this was the best episode of the season? Obviously I’m in the minority though. I found another blog review that agreed with you.
    You bring up an interesting theory. I thought that Jack didn’t want to see the baby b/c he’s assuming it’s Sawyer’s (since he saw them bumping boots in the video camera and obviously hasn’t let that go) and I’m assuming Kate won’t tell him b/c she wants him to unconditionally love him and I suppose is testing Jack’s love. It’s all a bit of hogwash when it’s the thing standing in the way of your happily ever after. But what if there is something wrong with Aaron? OR…WAIT A MINUTE…isn’t Claire like the daughter of Jack’s Dad’s mistress or something crazy like that? So maybe there really is just some shame there? I don’t know. Off to the internet to see if I made that up.

  3. WorshipCity

    Oh but dude you grabbed my favorite line. I was laughing so hard I forgot to get it down:
    You just totally Scooby Doo’d me didn’t you?


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  5. alex mclean

    As Kate walks in for her trial, there’s a crazy guy screaming at her – I think he says, “Why did Jack kill her?”.

  6. ERIN

    Ha, Ha.. that was fun to read .. I just watched this afternoon with DVR and thought to come read your site. I loved that episode too… it’s a love/hate relationship with this show. 🙂 But fun..

  7. Amanda

    It wasn’t may fav episode. In fact I really disliked it until the very last line. I just finished by blog write up. I am so going and listening the again to that scene!

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