LOST: Confirmed Dead

Live Blogging:

Locke got his orders from Walt?
As the camera pans on Sayeed, there is someone in the window of the wreckege of the plane (which is being used as a tent)
“Rescuing you and your people is not our primary objective”
I got an answer: Locke is not dead because the bullet went in and out through his abdomen where he had no kidney
“Naomi, the woman you killed!”
Was that Echo in the picture frame?
Are these flashbacks or flashforwards?
Who ARE these people? (from the Ship/Helicopter)
Nice Cow
Ben has a gun, uh oh!
A Helicopter!
This is getting weirder and weirder; Naomi & the mystery black guy
They’re here for Ben!
How does Ben know all that?
Ben has a man on their boat…?


ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my brain is spinning. This episode opened a whole new can of worms. Somehow I think the mystery black guy knows a whole lot and setup this mission to the island – I think he knew there were survivors, and I think he (or his company) hand picked the crew of the “Ship” – they are all connected somehow to the Island and to flight 815. That’s about all I can process right now.

Here’s Conner’s take. & I agree, “Where the hell is Desmond?”

9 thoughts on “LOST: Confirmed Dead

  1. WorshipCity

    Sawyer’s crack about taking orders from Taller Ghost Walt was awesome! Yeah man, he appeared to Locke as he lay dieing in the pit of bones!!

    I thought the exact same thing of Echo in the pictures but didn’t he grow up in Africa or someplace? Not in the States?

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  3. Amanda

    awesome episode! I thought it was Echo too in the picture.
    Why do you think they want Ben?
    The Darma collar on the polar bear was awesome. I think those were actually flash way forwards and those people went back in time to kill Ben because they were somehow connected to the people involved in Darma and they found out that Ben was the one who killed all the Darma people

  4. alex

    O man, Amanda – that’s some deep stuff. I’m kind of hoping it’s something a little more exciting than time travel myself. But that’s a great theory…
    And the Polar Bear in the desert – wow, with the ancient looking dharma hydra logo…? Very creepy.

  5. Amanda

    I just figured out why that Dan guy was bugging me. Why would you go on a mission like that knowing you are going to an island wearing a button up shirt and tie? Maybe they didn’t know they were going to an island?

  6. alex

    um, I had the EXACT same thought! Why did he have a shirt and tie, but the other girl had a bullet proof vest on? And the pilot is dressed like Robin Williams?

  7. a passerby

    Is it just me, or did the lady who hired the wierd ghost hunter dude look and sound a lot like Rose?

  8. WorshipCity

    Oh man! I thought the same thing about the Robin Williams Pilot 🙂
    I hope they don’t play the whole time travel bit. It’s too easy. However I did find it interesting the amount of coverage around THE WORLD that this single airplane crash received.

  9. Erin

    I thought the ghostbuster guy looked like a younger version of the darma guy on those old film clips back in the early seasons :)..

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