LOST, Coming Soon!

Jen and I are insane Lost fans and we have dying for season 4 to start, well it’s finally almost here. In fact, I’ve got a countdown on my google home page, it says 10 days until January 31st (a Thursday). I was on iTunes today and found this little 8 minute Lost catch up movie. If you are a Lost fan you have to watch it. If you’ve never watched Lost and are planning on watching it this season you have to watch it. And if you’ve never watched Lost my question for you is WHY NOT?

7 thoughts on “LOST, Coming Soon!

  1. James McLean

    Oh yeah! I am still on board with Lost! even though they killed off my favorite character Mr. Echo.(spoiler)

  2. mandy

    Lost. I have friends who wanna suck me into yet another series.

    I already carve out VAST weekend hours to push through DVDs of 24, Friends, and even House.

    I’m afraid that, once I complete the 3 remaining seasons of Friends, I’m going to live in the land of Lost!

  3. WorshipCity

    Wow only 10 days really?!?! Well, I’m late, I think we’re up to like 7 now!! WOOHOO!!

    Hey, here’s an idea: Live Lost Recaps out on Friday mornings! Like the good ole’ days with The Office!

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