Looking Outside my Walls

I get bogged down a lot. I read your blogs & learn what’s happening in your church/ministry/life. I learn a lot. I feel connected. I feel “with the times”. Then I remember that I am only tapping a very, very, very small portion of information on what is happening globally or even nationally.

So this morning I read the paper. I never read the paper (or watch the news – we killed our TV service). I thought this was good. No more watching about the multiple homicides and gang activity in LA. No more traffic reports on the 91, 405, or 101. No more celebrity paparazzi news. No more political crap. No more “Breaking News”. No more “Storm Watch 08”! It’s kind of nice. But I didn’t fill that void with important things like just staying current on what’s happening around the nation or the world.

So this morning when I read the paper, I was shocked to read about this very cool story! I wish our churches could participate more in helping. Just helping make the world better. I know we’re all thinking it, some of us just have to do it. I know this is a little random – but I can just see the joy and excitement on the faces of these girls that got to live their dreams even if for just one day.

What a strange world we live in…

One thought on “Looking Outside my Walls

  1. James McLean

    yeah thats cool, there are simple ways that help bring the peace of God and open doors in the future for the gospel as well.

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