Live Blogging with Dr. Chand (part 1)

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I’m at FUEL, a leadership conference put on by Generations Church, hosted at LifeChurch (my church). Dr. Chand is speaking about leadership and the church and the future. This is great stuff – I sat through his talks a year or two ago and it changed my life, so I wanted to make sure I got this stuff up on the blog asap. This is all pretty much quotes from Dr. Chand:

1. Trying to do Everything.

  • Don’t try to boil the ocean.
  • Think of a high end Steakhouse – it makes a great steak, but not BBQ. If you want BBQ, you’ll have to go to the BBQ restaurant.

2. Members vs. Non-members. There is a shrinking pool of members and a growing pool of “regularly attending non-members”.

3. Pastor vs. CEO

Staffing for the future. Staff that has:

  • Character (can I trust you?)
  • Competence (can you do the job?).
  • Chemistry (can you fill our culture?). You have to work with people you like. The right vision with the wrong people will never work. If you were starting from scratch, which staff members would you choose? And why are they with you today?
  • Capacity (can you grow?). We tend to give gallon size jobs to pint size people.

Those who will not increase you will inevitably decrease you.

4. Vision vs. Vehicle

  • Most of the time the vehicle is not designed for the vision. So we end up changing the vision rather than the vehicle.
  • Our church organizations are structured for yesterday.
  • The more effective the church, the simpler the organizational chart.
  • Simplify.
  • Simplify.

5. Decision making vs. Decision makers

  • Pastor led
  • Staff driven (paid/not paid). One set of rules for all staff. Everyone is staff.
  • Congregationally informed

6. Succession and Sustainability (over 70% of churches & corporations don’t have a plan)

  • Its all about legacy & planning for future success
  • The same hands that build up the church can eventually tear it down if there is no plan
  • Line up 3 people for every position
  • Create a leadership factory. Grow your leaders in numbers and depth. Things (healthy) grow from the inside out.

7. Finances and Financing

  • When we bcome economically challeged the first thing we stop doing is dreaming, we lose our vision.

8. Church vs. Family (managing the imbalance)

  • There is no such thing as balance
  • Life comes in spurts, seasons
  • Manage the imbalance
  • There’s never enough…

9. Tough Calls (you will only grow to the threshold of your pain)

  • 10% of your church will cause you pain. So do the math as you grow…
  • Podcast on Pain

10. Futuring – what will your church look like in 2010, 2015, and 2020

  • Multiculturalism is expanding…

11. Relationships (joints, all power work is done by joints)

  • Who are you connected with?
  • Who do you need to disconnect from?
  • Greatest point of growth is at the point of connections
  • Always change from the inside out. My outer world reflects my inner man.

12. Life Coach (consulting, mentoring)

13. Post Modern Influences – it is now a culture.

  • Culture of biblical illiteracy
  • People are looped now (not linear). Story telling, creating context.
  • Lower threshold for incompetence & new levels of excellence (we used to let anyone sing!)
  • Short term but high commitment (get all you can get!)
  • Titles vs. Utility (new people are not interested in titles,

14. Success > Significance > Fulfilment

  • Fulfillment is when you have a conversation with someone where nothing important is discussed but you feel great when you leave.
  • Success deals with STUFF
  • Fulfillment deals with SOUL

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