Live Blogging with Dr. Chand (part 2)

Dr chand after dinner on TwitPic
Continued from part 1…

Again, these are all pretty much direct quotes:

The most defining factor for success is culture. The culture defines everything that happens.

Culture = this is how we do things here.

People bring their culture with them. We forget to “de-culturize”” them before we use them.

The biggest mistake I ever made in ministry was talking someone into staying who was planning on leaving.

Bless & release…

Most churces are two funerals away from revival (and there was much rejoicing).

You don’t know cultural taboos until you break them.

The wrong culture can be toxic (vision killer).

You don’t teach culture, you catch it.

Culture is texture, it’s who you really are.

Culture can be created. What am I doing to create culture?

Culture is about DNA. Culture lingers in the air.

There is no such thing as “they”, they is “them”. (In context of “you know, ‘they‘ are saying this…”).

Everything I do is creating culture.

Everything I do has meaning. Everything I don’t do as well…

Culture will define you more than anything else.

Culture is broken down by negative reinforcement.

Natives vs. Immigrants talk… (from Futuring).

  • Every church has this problem
  • You will continually be fixing
  • Celebrate & Confront
  • The immigrants need to feel safe with the pastors

What about mentors talk… Everybody needs coaches in their life. Dr. Chand has 11 mentors. Who have I given persmission to speak into and coach in my life?

What about California Culture? Don’t push me, I’ll do it if I want to. More independent. More liberal.