Live Blogging: The Office – Survivor Man


“Hey! Nobody cares… Nobody cares!” – Michael to Toby

“I keep various weapons strategically placed around the office” – Dwight

“He always sings the high harmony to Happy Birthday…” – Jim

“Tell her it’s for Creed, she’ll know what that means” – Creed

“I will let harm befall him, I will even let him die, but I will never let him lose his dignity” – Dwight

“I can literally say anything I want. No one is going to hear me. WISH I COULD’VE GONE WITH RYAN ON THAT COOL RETREAT! JAN HAS PLASTIC BOOOBS! I HAVE HEMORROIDES!” – Michael

“I have made this spear from which I will impale my dinner” – Michael

“Ooh I’ll take ’em!” – Kevin 

“No one’s touching my cobbler” – Creed

“I don’t need the woods, I have a nice wood desk” – Michael

“I don’t think I’ll be here in ten years, but…” – Jim
“That’s what I said” – Michael
“That’s what she said” – Michael
“That’s what who said? – Jim
“I never know, I just say it. I say stuff like that, you know, to lighten the tension when things get hard” – Michael
“That’s what she said” – Jim
“hey nice, really good… Bravo my young ward” – Michael

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