Live Blogging: The Office – Money

office money

I mean, I have yacht, so obviously I did pretty well money wise.

Oh my God! What century is this? – Pam

I thought I heard crying or moaning in here – Jim

Oh, I’ll look into that in the morning – Dwight

I’m better that you have ever been or ever will be – Dwight

Ladies and gentlemen, you boss, Michael Scott – Ryan

Today we are going to be talking about Power Point… Power Point, Power Point, Power Point! – Michael

What I do between 5:30pm and 1:00am is no one’s business except mine and my other businesses – Michael

Whome ever’s name is Toby, take a letter opener and stab yourself in the sternum – Michael

Well maybe you should look in the smart part of your brain – Andy

Do you know anybody in the mob? – Michael

Yeah, women be shoppin! – Kevin

Monkey problems? Why would I have monkey problems? I hate monkey problems – Michael

Who says exactly what they’re thinking, what kind of game is that? – Kelli

Bankruptcy is natures do-over – Creed


I got game – Andy

We’ll ask Power Point – Michael

I’m glad you enjoyed your stay – Dwight

You may ask me out to dinner – Angela (to Andy)

This is who I am now, a guy on a train with no answers – Michael

My whole family won’t talk to me, on advice of counsel… – Jan

Don’t sell your implants, please – Michael

4 thoughts on “Live Blogging: The Office – Money

  1. WorshipCity

    OH DUDE, this would be so fun to do with you! But I can’t watch it live. I’m about an hour behind b/c I have practice on Thursday nights.

  2. WorshipCity

    Oh and you totally captured some good ones here too! I forgot about the “on a train with no answers!”

  3. Billups

    What did you guys think of the episode this week? I thought it was… “ok” I guess. I definitely think last week was the best by far. Nothing really compared to the sales website IMing Dwight, or Michael’s European cut shirt. I did like the Nissan commercial last night though and thought it was pretty clever . I saw it a few times during the show.

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