Live Blogging: The Office – Local Ad

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“Give me a break, Give me a break, break me off a piece of that… what was it?” – Andy

“I also do good aroma therapy…” – Andy

“2nd life is not a game… Everything is the same, except I can fly” – Dwight

“That’s what national came up with? That sucks!” – Michael

“Angela can stay the same, but Andy can change to Dwight” – Dwight

“That’s good they’re creative, you’re not” – Ryan

“I’m willing to stake my entire reputation on it” – Michael

“My nickname in high school was ‘Kool-Aid Man'” – Kevin

“I’m not used to doing videos with so many people around” – Meredith

“I hate being titillated” – Angela

“Newsflash, I got some juicy updates on operation fallen angel” – Andy

“I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it at all and it’s terrible” – Michael

“Piss or get off the pot” – Meredith

“She called you D?… Oh D!, Oh D! Oh Deeeee!” – Andy & Dwight

“Welcome to the world premier of corporate crapfest” – Michael

“It’s the catfood… nailed it!” – Andy

Andy is quickly becoming my favorite character. Who’s yours?

6 thoughts on “Live Blogging: The Office – Local Ad

  1. WorshipCity

    Hahaha! Great stuff Alex. I love love love reading your thoughts as well as what I miss 🙂

    Andy’s not my favorite character, however, he’s back to me really liking him! Its like he became useless moving to the Scranton office but I am love love loving him now! Clearly some of the funniest stuff of the past few episodes!

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