Live Blogging – The Office: Branch Wars

branch wars
I do have to confess that this isn’t exactly “live bogging”, in the sense that I don’t blog while the show is on “live” – I’m usually at worship rehearsal. So, it’s usually Friday morning (my day off) that Jen and I get time to sit down and watch.

  • “I think I cut my penis on the lid!” – Dwight
  • “Pam, these finger sandwiches look finger lickin’ delicious” – Andy
  • “If we have to defend ourselves I will stab the security guy in the eye with the jumbo chalk” – Dwight
  • “You’ve been like an uncle tome, like a kind, old uncle Remus” – Andy to Stanley
  • “The eyes are the groin of the head” – Dwight (ht: Vince)

Ok, we had screaming kids, phone calls, chores and such interrupting this viewing which, by the way is a crime punishable by death in our household. I didn’t have the heart to harm any of my immediate family. But it actually worked out for the better because I may have missed getting some good quotes here on the blog, but there was actually one quote from this episode that was the quote to end all quotes, a line for the books (this is why writers should get paid more).


  • “Is he (Michael) some sort of secret genius? ha ha ha… Sometimes I say crazy things, ha ha ha” – Stanley

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  1. WorshipCity

    HAHAHA awesome!
    I’m glad you cleared up your “live blogging,” I do exactly what you do and I was wondering why when I put mine up Friday morning yours isn’t already up? I was trying to calculate the time difference and where you’d have to be in the world for that to work 🙂

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