Live Blogging LOST: The Other Woman

Ben would like to see the Doctor.

It’s raining, a lot.

Hello Juliet, long time no see.

O crap, what was that?

She’s my wife… (uh oh)

O she jacked Kate up!

When did you start sleeping with him (ohhhhhhhhh!)

I am not talking about you, I am talking about Ben! (oh dang, Juliet is a home wrecker!)

I guess I’ll have to show you – Ben to Locke

Ben has a crush on Juliet? Gross!

Kate, Juliet & Jack – o boy.

Jack, they had gas masks… uh oh – where’d Juliet go?

36, 15, 28…  red sox?

Penny’s dad – Charles Whitmore.

Who is Ben’s guy on the boat? Sayeed, Desmond, Locke’s dad, Michael?

O crap, Juliet’s got a gun!

Juliet.. What are you doing here? (of course the other lady will jack her up!)  Yup, I called it.  A cat fight!

Oh, they’re good guys!?

Oh man, Ben knew all along – he is evil. “You’re MINE!”; what a freak!

…and our DVR stopped a couple minutes early – DANGIT!

Well, tonight didn’t tell us much. At least I don’t think. We always knew that Ben had something for Juliet. As far as the boat people go – so now we know that they know more about Ben and the Island – and in some way are working against Ben. Not much else new. Not my favorite episode, it must be leading up to something bigger…

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