live blogging from church

blogging on my treo from church. today has been a great day! setup was smooth, music was great, tech was great, good message on ‘why go to church?’.
our set was:
all because of jesus – me
hosanna – jamianne
I could sing of your love forever – me and jamianne
here I am to worship – karl
closer – karl
can’t wait to do the confessional! hope ur day is going well.

5 thoughts on “live blogging from church

  1. James McLean

    dude, i’m pretty sure that there’s a verse somewhere that says you can’t blog in church. it’s in the book of 2nd Hesitations or something.

  2. Fred McKinnon

    How do you blog w/ your treo? Just visit your website and login, or is there some cool way to do it via SMS? I have a Treo 650.

  3. alex

    I have the 700p and all I do is login and use the mobile version of the site to blog. I am however working on the blog via email. I found all the right plugins to make it work, just haven’t done it yet.

    James, it’s actually funny that you bring that up – because I was thinking how interactive teaching could be and how much more you would retain it you actually DID blog during church…?

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