Live Blogging: Dr. Samuel Chand Session 1

Some notable quotes from Samuel Chand’s first session:

  • The greatest demotivators are demotivated people
  • There’s no such thing as volunteers – everyone is staff
  • Its better to have a vacancy than bad help
  • Proper People Placement Prevents Problems
  • Hire slowly – Fire quickly
  • The difference between church people and puppies: eventually the puppy will stop whining

Three ways to do church:

  1. do it yourself (too much work)
  2. hire out (costs too much)
  3. develop leaders (takes too long)

4 thoughts on “Live Blogging: Dr. Samuel Chand Session 1

  1. vince

    fire quickly – It take the average pastor 2 years before they start being truly effective.

  2. Jen

    Vince I dont get ur comment. So do u keep someone in ministry and “Hope” they become effective? Isn’t there a big problem if a pastor is not effective? In a corporation if an employee is not meeting the mark the are let go. So what do u mean?

  3. Jen

    Wow did I sound like a butt? After reading my comment I hope I dont sound like a butt… I just thought ur comment was interesting.

  4. vince

    I believe ministry is about people, not performance. Sure there are times when it is obvious that someone is not pulling their weight. The whole two year average stems from the fact that it takes people that long to begin to know and trust a leader enough really follow them. Jesus didn’t pick the ‘performers’, he picked the guys who couldn’t get to the next level in Jewish school, so they went back to the family business.

    Is the church a Business/Corporation?

    That said, there is no formula for ministry. You have to take who you are and how you worship and try to communicate that to some people. Which is cool, because there is a church out there that will fit just about anyone.

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