LIGHT Concert at Rancho Community

Success! If I do say so myself.

This December I got to get my creative hands dirty as we reimagined a previously very successful run of Christmas productions at Rancho Community Church. Traditionally this performance was purely choir/orchestra driven, with drama, dancing, and narration. This year we decided it was time to modernize the tradition – a pretty tall order.

We brought in our worship band, made up of some extremely talented players & vocalists (Jeff Johnson, Emily Tingley, Travis Tingley, Brian Willett, Eric Kern, Eric Beruman, and Joe Catone. We added some motion graphics, put together by Alan Marsala. And added a bunch of new lights and triple-wide screen projection courtesy of Chris Batchelor. Mix that in with our choir and orchestra (minus the dancing, drama & narrations) and you’ve got 2011’s production: “LIGHT”.

It was a beautiful mess, which actually came off better than I was expecting. Our teams played well with one another. Humility and flexibility were abundant, as were creativity and passion. I think we really presented some quality music and production – all telling the story of Jesus, the Light of the world, the real reason for Christmas. And we raised some money for local homeless outreach, Project T.O.U.C.H. About 1,600 people attended over two nights. Feedback was about 10% said it was too loud, 10% said it was too traditional, and the other 80% loved it – so I consider that, #winning!

Huge thanks to all our singers, players, techs, and designers – without whom, we wouldn’t have had a show. Shout out to Brian & Chris (tech), and Marcy (stage/theme), the infamous Marck McKay (musical director), and of course my wife, who showed up both nights with our kids to watch – that’s what you call support!

There’s a ton of pictures here (thank you Tina). Expecting more pictures from Jason Edmonds. And some amateur video here (thanks Joe). Hopefully we’ll have a pro video snapshot soon.