LifeChurch Building Update

Well, we look like we’re about 3-4 weeks away from moving in! I’m so stoked and excited to see this place go from an idea, to a commitment, to a vision, to drawings, colors, plans, and ideas to something that you can touch and feel and walk through! God has been so good to us. So to see how things are shaping up go on over to our church blog and check out some of the pictures and videos – leave a word of encouragement, show my church some blog love!

2 thoughts on “LifeChurch Building Update

  1. Billy Chia

    I talked to a friend who is a plant pastor the other day. They planted 3 years ago but don’t have plans to build yet. They are not trying to buy land. It’s frustrating because people are getting tried of all the work each week. Hopefully they can purchase some land soon so that people will be reinvigorated knowing an end is in sight.

    Very cool that you guys are almost there.

  2. Jeremy Erndt

    that looks awesome! any shots of the auditorium yet? How many will it seat? That is gonna be really great there. I will have to come out and visit sometime for sure. bring some of the staff. way to go man, live the revolution. God is blessing you all, so pumped for you.

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