Life Unplugged Preview

Today was the day. Worship service times changed, parking changed, signs changed, and we opened up Life Unplugged. We’d been working hard for the past week or so on getting things all ready, and by 11pm Saturday night, I’d say we were as ready as we could be. To read the whole story go to this post which has links to about 3 other posts on this journey.

This is my third go-round with the venue idea. About three years ago we did a small venue that bombed hard called, Life2 (kind of like ESPN2). That was a cool venue we setup in a classroom at the same middle school we were meeting in – we just weren’t ready for it yet. The second was an entirely new campus, meeting in a high school about 10 miles away from the middle school we were currently meeting in, called LifeChurch: North Campus. That was fairly successful (Eric and I ran it together, which was cool – plus that’s where Chris started going to LifeChurch), we just didn’t have the resources (finances and staff) to keep up with the rigorous work that it took to pull it off each week. I think it stayed open for about 9 months.

This time things are a little more suitable. The venue is right across the parking lot. It’s got some good support (tech, worship, hospitality, pastors, etc). I’m very excited about the potential.

Today was a good preview. Power only went out twice, other than that, things went fairly smooth. Chris has a good, detailed overview of how the day went, but I noticed a good vibe. I questioned about 6 couples as they exited to get feedback – most were pleased. I tend to be a critic & perfectionist, so I am really trying to take it easy on this and just roll with it. It’s very hard, but it’s a promise I made to my wife and myself – to just let it be.

Here’s a couple photos from today: