Life Church got Served!

Looks like someone in town is acting as a “secret shopper” and reviewing local churches, which I think is cool by the way. But I don’t think he/she liked our loud music, or the fact that we had Coldplay pumping through the system. I’ll admit, our sound is pretty crazy (although I don’t think we’re hitting 110db consistantly). Our speakers are mounted at near ear level, and if you sit in the front row, it can be pretty loud. Hopefully we’ll get this problem fixed when we move in about 4 weeks (Yes!). The review continues and I totally appreciate whoever it is – Thanks for visiting!

Check out the review! Oh yeah, he reviewed Rich’s new church too (he got a WAY better worship score than we did, boo hoo!)

15 thoughts on “Life Church got Served!

  1. James

    I hate to sound weird here but…reviewing a church? That’s lame. Since when did Christ ever intend for us to compare churches? Same team, same side, same mission, same eternity. Moreover, same imperfection…there’s no such thing as a perfect church. Scoring a church’s elements on a scale of 1 to 5 is, in my opinion, an insult to God. His Word says that He will build His church, and the gates of hell won’t stop Him. Nothing else matters.

    Rant over. Three more days to The Office.

  2. Karl

    lol Hey Alex, do you know the date we were ‘secret-shoppered’ on? September 9. That was the day we had…er…drumming issues…and I wanted to hide in a den of shame after the worship set was over. hehe Of all the days to come…is God keeping us humble or what?

  3. alex

    Karl you rock… too bad our shopper didn’t come last week eh?

  4. bobby

    I don’t really have a problem with reviewing churches necessarily, but we should keep in mind the source. I read his review of you guys and Sunridge, and the good news is, he doesn’t really sound like your target.

    Personally, I prefer going to the church with the louder music. And he (or she) sounds pretty “Calvary Chapel” if you know what I mean…which would kinda make sense in that valley.

  5. bobby

    OK, I looked at the site a bit, and I’ve changed my mind about not really having a problem with reviewing. In this case I do. I’m not usually one to be a jerk, but I will be for a sec. This guy seems like a bit of a tool and pretty judgmental really.

    I say guy because unfortunately we are usually worse about this. Probably a Bible College student or something. 😉 (I decided I can make that generalization as I did a short stint there.)

  6. Vince

    did you read the ‘Rancho Community Church’ review? I think that was Travis with the “rick springfield moves”

  7. Vince

    I wasn’t sure I wanted to blow his cover, but here’s you man….Gene Cook. You can call into his podcast at 9AM on fridays.

  8. bobby

    Gnice. And the dude’s a pastor at a church in Temecula. Great Oak Church. How did you know that Vince?

  9. Karl

    How does any good, God-fearing Christian know who Rick Springfield is?

  10. Karl

    Hmmm….the sarcasm in my above statement doesn’t come through as well as it did in my head. hehe 🙂

    But, seriously, I honestly don’t mind getting reviewed. It’s healthy to know what any portion of the population thinks. Then you can choose to regard or disregard it. 🙂

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