Let the Shredding Begin!


This is Devon at Circuit City. I called him and asked if there were any Guitar Hero 3’s for Wii left, he said yes, one. So I had him hold it for me for the ten minutes it would take to get there. When I got there, there were 3 people asking for my Guitar Hero. Thank you Devon.


And here it is, the last Guitar Hero 3 for Wii in the greater Temecula Valley. Who wants to come over and shred with us?

5 thoughts on “Let the Shredding Begin!

  1. Ron

    If by shred…you mean get shredded…than I’m your huckleberry ! In fact we can throw it on the big screen.

  2. alex

    By shred I meant that I just beat the game… (on Easy)

  3. Ron

    When you get 100% on Cliffs of Dover in medium, then, and only then….may you enter the movie sanctuary and compete on the 7.1 system….or….any time you want to come over actually ! That also goes for Eric, who returns his phone call as consistently as Kreg Ferris !! Thats right Beeman, Im calling you out ! (on Alex’s blog of course…)

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