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If you know me, you know I’m a “Raving Fan” of Chick-fil-A. I’ve always been a fan – the food is great, the atmosphere is so positive, and like I’ve told my wife, I’ve never even had a “not great” experience there. When we go there and we’re fumbling around with the kids, their stuff, our stuff, trying to order, find a seat, and all that – it’s nice to have a smiling face and even nicer to have the food brought to the table.

When I first came to Rancho, I had this crazy idea of pulling our entire staff together to encourage them and remind them that we (church/school) are one team, with one vision and mission. I had just heard Dan Cathy speak at the Saddleback Worship Conference, and was blown away with his presentation; and, I remembered that Chick-fil-A had brought lunch to our VBS about a month earlier, so I called them up with two requests:

  1. How does one go about getting Dan Cathy to speak at an event?
  2. Would they be interested in feeding our staff?

Well, number two was easy for them as they just had to cook up 180 Chick-fil-A Sandwiches. Number one was a little bit harder – Dan Cathy lives in Georgia, so getting him out here was not that easy. However, Andrew (his son), works in Southern California and was available. He came and spoke and really made the day inspirational – talking about “Operational Excellence, 2nd Mile Service, and Emotional Connections”. We were so appreciative of Andrew and our local (Temecula) Chick-fil-A.

Below is a video (that I found on this post) that Chick-fil-A uses to train their employees. That’s all the introduction it needs:

Every Life Has A Story – Chick-fil-A from Dan T. Cathy on Vimeo.

Question: Do your employees see the value in making emotional connections with customers? Do you?

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in Customer Service | Chick-fil-A

  1. James

    This is all true, I actually started working at Chick-fil-a last week part time and they train their people to really serve.

    Its fun to work for a place that encourages you to go the extra mile and talk to people and make sure they have everything they need. We watched that video at our orientation and it was very moving. The workers really believe they are making a difference in people’s lives (and they are) just by serving them chicken!

    Anyway, great post.

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