Leadership… The Diamond Life by Kevin Myers

We’ve been going through catalyst as a staff over the past few weeks. A great tool to talk about difficult issues in leadership. This week we went through an article called “The Diamond Life” by Ken Myers. Wow. Ken compares the leadership journey to a baseball diamond (please don’t think Warrenback). Here’s some of the nuggets that I loved:

Home Plate: The Purpose Base

…[is] knowing your purpose involves winning dependence… You gain confidence in your purpose by remaining totally dependent upon Him.

First Base: Win Within

The very first thing that the power of God is designed to do in your life is change you. The Spirit of God is in the business of internal restoration.

The first base is all about character and God’s desire to reshape us in His image.

Second Base: Win With Others

As you win within the personal base, you gain credibility to go on to second base and win with others in community. It is only within a team where you can experience what God can leverage through your leadership gift in the lives of others.

Nothing compares with being on the same level with people to realize how to treat others with dignity – to serve them and care for them and cease being self absorbed. No one wants to hear a vision in which you are standing and they are bowing. [amen!]

Third Base: Win Over Obstacles

Third base is all about success. Third base however, is not the end. You do not score on third base.

The pattern of the world tells us to run to third base first. We are a performance driven society that finds value in what we to do and the results we generate.

Home Base: Back Home

If we fix our hearts on finishing well, our lives will bring us right back to the place of purpose at which we started.

We must yearn to press on until God has his way with us completely. As Christians mature, it can be tempting to invent new missions to accomplish. But in this game, the idea is to start on purpose and to finish on purpose.

This resonates so clearly with me right now and it’s also blowing my mind.

One thought I wrote down was this: We get so involved in the task that we forget the why… It’s like this post, where the point was brought up that we throw out the Great Commandment in our pursuit of the Great Commission. Sorry for the church talk. But we put our relationship with God and his forming of our lives on the back burner because we get so busy doing what we think he wants us to do with our lives… And we look at our success and say to ourselves – we’re doing a great job! Are we missing the point? Am I?

Like I said, mind blowing. Humbling, and refreshing.