Latest Read: The Secret

the secretOur Lead Pastor, John, handed me a book last week: “The Secret, What Great Leaders Know – And Do” by Ken Blanchard & Mark Miller. I blew it off for a couple days, but tonight I had some extra time so I picked it up and from the get go it’s been incredible. I am a sucker for books on leadership, especially short books on leadership.

Ken Blanchard is a superpower leadership writer with multiple top selling books (I am going to get some next), and Mark Miller is the vice president of training and development for Chick-fil-A (I love me some Chick-fil-A!). And if you had to pick one person to write your forward on a leadership book, who would you pick? Well Mr. Leadership himself, John Maxwell – and that’s exactly who wrote it.

Anyway, as of right now I am a couple chapters into the book and here are some of my favorite quotes:

…it seems that most people are busy thinking about what they want to say next, they can’t really hear what you are saying. (interesting because this was my devotion the other day from Matthew 5).

Many believe they can become effective leaders if they only had the skills. Others believe they can become great leaders if they could just develop their character. Both are wrong – it takes skill and character.

…if we have to choose between skills and character… we will select men and women of character and develop their skills.

Am I a serving leader or a self-serving leader?

Great leaders don’t become great in a moment… They become great leaders one day at a time throughout their lifetime.

You’ll never completely arrive. (amen)