Last Week's Family Photos

This post is all about the family. Last week, Miles was “Daniel” in the lion’s den at his school. His class was in charge of leading chapel, so they did the little play, and then led a couple songs, including “Lord I Lift Your Name on High”. Check out the pics:


miles smiles

And of course, Macy was there, hanging with her bud, Micah (Eric’s boy)

macy micah

Saturday morning Miles got started with a tall mug of Hot Chocolate.

Then, Miles got to go to one of his little friends birthday party. Somehow, I got the job of taking him and it was really strange because most of the time mom’s do the birthday thing, so I was like the only dad there by himself (Jen was home with Macy). So it was like a bunch of moms and dads and me with Miles – I guess I know how much I appreciate my wife, and how awkward it can feel to be a single parent.

Anyway, Miles had a stinkin’ BLAST! It was a Star Wars party, so it was a bunch of 5 year olds running around with light sabers. Let me just say the boys were boys!



Oh yeah, and the reason he’s in his soccer uniform is that he had a game right after!

5 thoughts on “Last Week's Family Photos

  1. Jen

    You see the choclate on the face…. thats what happens when mama isn’t there…. yuke!

  2. Lisi

    thanks for sending these. Its good to see the pictures even though the real thing would be better….how is soccer going? is he getting a piece of the ball ?

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