Just another day in the office

clockBeing in ministry is an interesting profession when it comes to work schedules – especially in the pastoral roles. The thing is, is that you never “finish” working. Don’t get me wrong, that’s just part of the calling, because that what ministry must be – a calling. If it’s not then you’ll get burned out and eaten alive. But if is your all-consuming passion, if you wake up and pinch yourself because God has allowed you to spend your life serving Him in as a profession, then you should be ok.

But you still have to have balance.

I could deal with anything in order to be in ministry; low pay, lack of resources, hard relationships, no sleep, no accolades, whatever – just as long as I can serve! That works great for single people who can survive on romin noodles, free Starbuck’s water (Karl’s favorite), and of course – the Word (no irreverence intended). But for those of us who are married and have the amazing blessing of having children, well, they need more. And I am not really focusing on dinero. I’m talking about time.

You see I could dive into ministry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and sometimes I do! (I’m a recovering workaholic). But I have been trying to be more and more diligent with my time. Making the most of the time I have to work, and the time I have to spend with my family. It’s a struggle, because I love both! Anyway all that to say that today is my “day off” and I found myself spending about 3 hours answering emails and setting up our service on planningcenteronline.com and in Pro-Presenter. So now I owe my family – they understand and love me, and they’ll let me make it up to them.

How do you schedule out your time?

2 thoughts on “Just another day in the office

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  2. jamesmclean

    Though i don’t have a family to take care of yet i am learning this lesson right now. I am asking God to focus things more for me so that i am not spread too thin. You are right, there is nothing like it in the world, knowing that you are joining with God for His purposes, so satisfying!

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