Jury Duty Confessional

Jen checked the mail on Monday only to find out that I had to call in on Tuesday to see if I had to show for jury duty on Wednesday, which of course I did. So I had to cancel lunch with James, wake up a little earlier and head up to Riverside (about 45 minutes away). I’ll spare you all the details, suffice to say, I was there from 8:15 to 3:00pm and completed my civic duty for another year. Here’s a few pictures of how the day went.

Alrighty, this isn’t so bad, got a padded seat, sweet badge, Andy Stanley’s “Next Generation Leader”, and my Treo.

A little tired after reading, texting, twittering, and emailing for a couple hours straight. (I know I look extremely scary in this picture).

My view for the 6 hours I was there.

I can’t seem to focus…

It’s 11:00am, I am getting really hungry. That breakfast bar didn’t do enough.

11:05am, ok now I am really hungry. Some guy behind me is smacking as he’s eating his bagged lunch.

12:noon, is she ever going to let us go get some lunch?

Finally! The light of day – I am free for an hour and a half. Now I just gotta find somewhere besides the corner hot dog stand to eat.

After a couple phone calls and internet searches, I found the place! Watched the soccer game and enjoyed a burger & fries.

And of course as fate might have it my phone died on the way back to duty. So the rest of the afternoon was pretty lame. Fortunately for me, at about 2:00pm I was finally called to Department 7 – a 6 day case. I filled out my questionaire and waited another hour, when I was promptly dismissed and told that I had completed my civic duty for another year. See ya next time suckas!

4 thoughts on “Jury Duty Confessional

  1. Vince

    your phone probably died because you almost single handedly crashed twitter with you texts

  2. Alex's Mom (still nameless after all these years!)

    Well, I’m proud of you for going and not finding some lame excuse like most people! Good job!

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