John Mayer in Chulawana

Jen got a couple sweet John Meyer tickets for her birthday. Some “print from home” tickets.

We’re both huge John Mayer fans so we went with high expectations. I’ve got his Austin City Limits show DVR’d, and that was awesome – I watch it over and over. So we headed down south…

This is what our gas gauge looked like when we were waiting to exit the freeway. It took forever! Finally we got off and went to go to the one gas station in the city, and we couldn’t get in! So we just crossed our fingers and headed towards Cricket Wireless Amphitheater. Just a little FYI for anyone going to Cricket, if you take the exit after the one you’re supposed to take, there’s a nice little back way in plus an ARCO gas station (found that out at midnight on the way home).

Once we finally got there we settled in and watched the opening act, Brett Dennen. Here’s the thing – this guy was really cool. He had a great sound and caught my ear even though I’d never heard him before. I think that’s exactly what an opening act is supposed to do. So I googled him and guess what? Homie has a blog, twitters (well sort of), and wears Tom’s Shoes. Mad respect.

After Brett, Colbie Caillat was up. I think she has a hit pop song. Anywho, she was good. Good sound, good band, great vocals. I didn’t quite attach to what she was doing, but it was still good stuff.

Then it was Mayer time. He (& the band might I add) was amazing. It was just so great to be there and see him do his thing. We really love his vocals and his guitar playing is a given. But most of all I love how he interacts with his band – they are all such pro’s. One of my favorite drummers to watch & hear was playing, JJ Johnson – couldn’t find a website for him, but here’s a little video of him with Mayer and here’s just another fun one that shows what a straight ahead drummer he is. Drummers, watch him to learn the “less is more” theory of music.

The rest of the band consisted of top notch players as well: David Ryan Harris ( guitars/vox, from the ATL), Robbie McIntosh (guitars), Sean Hurley (bass), Bob Reynolds (saxophones), Brad Mason (trumpet), Tim Bradshaw (keyboards/organ/vox). They had just a great sound and connection.

Here’s the setlist as best as I can remember it:

  1. Vultures (my favorite – I highly recommend watching this YouTube video)
  2. Waiting On the World to Change
  3. Crossroads (Cream)
  4. No Such Thing (I think)
  5. Why Georgia
  6. Taking a Walk?
  7. (16 minute jam session)
  8. Belief (another favorite)
  9. I Can’t Trust Myself
  10. Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty)
  11. Mercy (guitar on the floor solo)
  12. Clarity
  13. Gravity


  1. Who Did You Think I Was (face melting guitar & vocals only)
  2. This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday
  3. Say

It was a cool night – we hooked up with my sister & Travis, plus Romolo & Lindsey (both a couple of local worship leaders), who had lawn seats, so we sat with them for the majority of the show. We’re going to make sure and catch him again ASAP. Personally I’d love to catch him in a smaller venue like a House of Blues or something. A couple blogging buds went to see JM lately as well: James & Conner – check out Conner’s post.

5 thoughts on “John Mayer in Chulawana

  1. WorshipCity

    Dude, you and I would be such good friends if we lived near one another 🙂 HA!
    Looks like another killer set! Vultures is DEFINITELY one of my favorites! I waited with baited breath all night for it! I see he didn’t play Slow Dancing for you either 🙁 if there could be any downside (which they’re can’t!) that would be it.

    WorshipCitys last blog post..What a day

  2. alex

    Conner – DUDE! I was thinking the same exact thing, he didn’t play SLOWDANCING! So weird!

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