Job Description: Assistant Pastor

I found this job opportunity on (I get their weekly email). I enjoy reading through these just to see how other churches break down responsibilities & do their job descriptions. This one I found completely overwhelming:

Basic Job Description
1.Assist the senior pastor in fulfilling his role as the primary spiritual leader, vision caster, pastor, and teacher of the church.
2. Assist the senior pastor with projects as requested.
3. Participate in leading the church services as required.
4. Monitor the church ministries and alert the senior pastor of any areas of concern.
5. Assist in developing, organizing and giving leadership to the ministries within the church as directed.
6. Develop educating and training materials as agreed upon with senior pastor
7. In conjunction with the Pastoral Staff, conduct visitations to perspective members, hospitals, and shut-ins on behalf of the church when requested.
8. Assist the Pastor with worship and pastoral care concerns to include assisting in funerals and weddings as requested.
9. Assist in scheduling and coordinating events.
10. Provide counseling and referral to those in need.

Additional Areas of Primary Responsibility
Christian Education
To provide for the organization, operation, and oversight of the Christian Education and discipleship programs.
1. Assist in all facets of adult Christian education. Coordinate efforts with the Minister of Youth when applicable.
2. Coordinate with the Sunday School Director to administer the Sunday School Program.
a. Assist with recruitment and training of volunteers.
b. Assist with the training and recruitment of the teaching staff.
c. Advise the staff on securing materials and equipment for classes.
d. Help the Sunday School committee organize for education and growth.
e. Evaluate use of rooms for maximum benefit.
f. Assist with the Child Protection Program.
g. Determine need to start new Adult Christian education classes every six to twelve months.
3. Supervise selection and distribution of church and Christian literature.
4. Coordinate efforts to inform the church and community about educational ministries.
5. Provide learning resources for adult education programs
6. Work with the Pastoral Staff to develop and implement discipleship training

In conjunction with the Pastoral Staff, conduct visitations to perspective members, hospitals, and shut-ins on behalf of the church when requested.
1.Under Senior Pastor direction, develop and execute “Visitation Ministry,” through recruitment and training
a. Coordinate visitation programs.
b. Involve and train deacons or other lay persons in visitation
c. Visit those who are in the hospital, nursing home, or at home to provide spiritual encouragement and prayer.
2. Provide appropriate reports to the pastors, appropriate committees, and church.

Let me remind you that this is the “basic” job description! And of course it includes the “Assist the senior pastor with projects as requested” catch-all clause. All I have to say is, is the entire staff going to go on an extended vacation once you’re hired? Holy Macarole! Churches are notorious for over-working staff and having no way of measuring results, because you are working for God, right? I’m not saying that this specific church is out of wack or anything, but this is the trend, from the church staffers that I have worked with and talked with.

I’m currently revamping our job descriptions. I started a few months ago by creating very detailed documents, but tried to fit everything on one page, so as to not overwhelm staff. Let me just say, you can fit a lot on one page when you use 8pt font. So I started from scratch again. One sentence, tell us what you do at LifeChurch. Then do that one thing as well as you possibly can. Now we know that there’s a ton of other stuff you’ve got on your plate – but focus on this one thing. And if you’re not doing that one thing, then we’ve got problems.

Here’s my new job description: My job as the executive pastor is to empower the staff to carry out the vision of LifeChurch.

What do you think?

13 thoughts on “Job Description: Assistant Pastor

  1. Will Young

    I like the idea A.Mc L. How is it working though, have you seen the results?

    I honestly think that if I had to put my job description in one sentence it would probably equate to a new Guinness world record: World’s largest run-on sentence. :-/ Do any of your staff feel the same way?

    Will Youngs last blog post..Anne is at it again

  2. Scott Fillmer

    LOL… I would hate to see the detailed version of that job description, nothing like overloading a new person before you hire him.

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  4. Danny B

    Okay… here is the funniest story to piggy back on your very cool story… please remember this is from a very light side of things on a pastor’s job descriptions:
    The First Presbyterian Church of Warrington, South Carolina is again seeking a senior pastor. We are a congregation of about 100 active members established in 1875. Duties include all preaching and teaching responsibilities for Sunday morning and Sunday nights with exegetical sermons an average length of 45 minutes. Pastor will also be responsible for all teachings on Wednesday nights and the adult Sunday School class. In addition we are currently without a youth pastor, so the pastor will also be temporarily responsible for all youth activities, Bible studies and fellowships. Pastor is also responsible for all hospital/shut-in/sick visitation of members, former members, close friends of either as well as any family of the stated by a relationship of 4th cousin twice removed or better.

    The pastor will be expected to plan an lead an annual missions trip and coordinate all fund raising activities for the trip.

    We believe it is the call of a pastor to be in touch with his people. The pastor should be available 24/7 to talk with any member of the congregation or the above stated persons either face to face or on the phone. Furthermore, the pastor will be held personally directly responsible for the spiritual well-being of every member of the congregation.

    We also believe it is important for the pastor to make himself known throughout the community at large as a means of outreach for our church. The pastor will be expected to attend all special sporting events of the youth of the church including all homecoming events, chaperoning the high school dance, prom night, playoffs, and any cheer leading competitions and or functions. Furthermore we highly encourage and anticipate ministry to persons in the community at large above and beyond ministry within the church so far as it does not interfere with the immediate responsibilities to the above stated persons associated with our congregation.

    The Pastor will also be present at all Session meetings, Diaconate meetings, and all committee meetings including Women in the Church.

    The pastor’s wife will be expected to teach children’s Sunday School and head up the Christian Education committee as well as plan all Summer VBS functions, and hold a ladies’ Bible study without compensation.

    The pastor will also be available for all funerals and weddings of any of the above stated persons regardless of when it occurs or what personal circumstances might be going on in his life of the life of his family.

    Duties are expected to take approximately 40 hours per week, with two weeks of vacation per year. A manse is provided, but needs some work. You might want to investigate purchasing your own house. Annual salary will be $35,000 if you pay for your own health policy. You must have your own cell phone and reliable vehicle. It is expected that the Pastor’s wife will work also to supplement income.

    Inquiries may be made to Ruling Elder Dave Wellington Sr., Ruling Elder, Dave Wellington Jr., or Ruling Elder, Dave Wellington III. Further questions may also be address to either Deacon Everett Wellington Sr. or Deacon Everett Wellington Jr.

  5. Peter

    That job description is exactly why I am so hesitant to work for another church. SHESH! not to mention you have to work holidays!

    Peters last blog post..Real Community

  6. Vanesa Harpine

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