Job Change (well at least a Title change)

If you’ve known me for a while then the beginning of this post will be review.

I’ve been involved in ministry seriously since I was a young boy growing up in a Presbyterian Church. My faith was solidified as a teenager at Big Valley Grace Church, where my mentor and Youth Pastor was Rick Countryman. It was his ministry and the leadership that really gave depth to my relationship with God and my understanding of ministry. When I graduated from HS, I didn’t know where I was headed, but I ended up back at BVG, as a volunteer worship leader for their large youth group. After spending the summer there, I moved back home and started attending my parents very small church. They had no youth ministry, so I volunteered again to start a youth ministry. This started a 7 year stint as the Youth Pastor there, where we grew the group to 20-30 kids. I also led worship along with my dad every Sunday for the main services. After being at Sunrise, I got the call to join up with LifeChurch – a brand new plant in the valley, where I had befriended Eric Beeman.

They were in need of a Media Arts Pastor – which didn’t really thrill me. I was a youth pastor, and I always wanted to be a youth pastor. But after much prayer and counsel, we knew it was the right move. So we joined up with LifeChurch and since then it’s been a crazy ride. We sold our house to fund ourselves, lived on a ridiculous salary (ridiculously low), and saw God really meet our needs and grow this church. Since then a lot has happened. We’ve grown to 900 people, shrunk back to 500, started a satellite campus, a classic service, a post modern service, a saturday night service, a summer concert series (Adam Watts, Paul Wright, etc.); it’s just been literally crazy. We’ve seen hundreds of people make decisions to follow Christ, be baptized, go on missions trips, plant churches, etc. We’ve seen close friends leave to follow God’s call on their lives, and we’ve struggled through the hard decisions that come with ministry.

During this time I have preached, led worship, baptized, buried, (not married, yet), launched a dual campus, overseen staff, designed multiple worship experiences, overseen our marketing and design, our IT, our website, our service production, music, designed and built a facility, and have enjoyed making tons of new relationships. My title has gone from Youth Pastor, to Media Arts Pastor, to Communications Pastor, and finally to Creative Arts Pastor.

I’ve also been married for 7 of these years and have been blessed with two beautiful children. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn – I’m just trying to show some perspective.


Come January 1, 2008, my title will officially change to “Executive Pastor”. What does this mean? Well, for one it means that my focus changes from merely overseeing our worship services (music, tech, production), to overseeing the entire staff (minus a couple people). It means that I won’t have as active as a roll in actually playing with the band or leading worship. It means that I get to try and use some of the million ideas bouncing around in my head on how to be more effective and reach more people in this valley. It means that I need to increase my threshold for leadership, and increase my ability to develop people. It means that I am going to have to be even more careful with my time and stay balanced. I’m going to have to rely even more on God to show up in miraculous ways in my life. It means that I will fail. It means that I will have to overcome my personal fears and issues. It means that I’ll have to make decisions that I really don’t like making. It means that everything’s changing, but not really.

So please keep me and my family in your prayers. This will be a learning curve, but I am excited and I feel invigorated. If you have any great resources, please send them my way!

6 thoughts on “Job Change (well at least a Title change)

  1. eric

    Your the right guy for the job. I’m excited for you.

    The greatest resource that I’ve discovered over the last year is… um… well… pray. I don’t mean before and after your meals, before you go to bed or even at a prayer meeting. I mean all of that and then some.

    I’ve seen God do some incredible things over the last year through intense, fervent prayer. I mean sit down… no, no, no… kneel down and spend some serious time praying about one thing.

    This last weekend was a result of much prayer… not negotiations, not debate, not even consensus, but prayer and prayer alone.

    It’s what grew Life Church in the first place and I believe it’s what will do it again.

  2. WorshipCity

    Congrats man! This appears to be the year of change for the family and me as well. It’s excitingly scary and incredible all at the same time! I wish you and yours the absolute best and the same comfort that my wife and I have found: if we’re doing what God’s calling us to do then it’s completely where we want to be, in His hands.

  3. James McLean

    God has been faithful in preparing you and giving you awesome opportunities to be used! This is a huge step, I am praying for you. I think the best thing I have heard as far as tips is to remember that you can’t do it. Only Christ in you can do it. In order to do God’s work in God’s power we have to stay connected to the Source.

  4. Jen White

    Working in the ministry for you has been filled with incredible fun the last four years. I’ve watched this minstry grow from a table to a tech room. I’m excited to see how God will use you as the Executive Pastor now along with the opening of the new building. Thanks for all that you have taught me and for making it a great working environment!

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