Java: World's Best Dog

Java is our 6 year old Chocolate Lab. She’s our first kid. We got her when she was just a couple weeks old, her parents were hunting dogs. When we used to get the paper, she’d go out every morning to the end of the driveway and bring it up to the house. She doesn’t need a leash, but she loves grabbing it and jumping around asking to go on a walk. She’s the best alarm system too – anytime anyone comes near the front door she barks a super low and intimidating bark. She puts up with her “brother & sister” (Miles & Macy), who constantly annoy the heck out of her. Sometimes the side gate pops open and we’ll come home to Java sitting at the front door, waiting for us to get home. She loves to swim, in fact she’ll swim until she can’t swim anymore! She loves going on drives, going to the beach, as as you can see – she loves bones!

3 thoughts on “Java: World's Best Dog

  1. Jen

    She is the easiest kid we ever had. Yeah thats a mean bone she will eat on that for a week. She loves it.

  2. Chris Stout

    Dude, that thing is crazy! I know that we can’t keep these two away from the bones we get them! Ha ha…Dogs are awesome!

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