It's True: Macy Broke Her Leg!


There she is our little baby 2 year old girl with a full leg cast. She has what the doctors call a “tibial growth plate fracture”; not sure exactly what that means but something to do with the fracturing the tibia near the ankle. Should be a 3-4 week healing process.

The full story is this:
I had the kids cuz Jen was working in Catalina for the weekend. Miles and Macy were playing with their friends Ally and Ella Huber at Wiens. All of the sudden I heard Macy crying and Miles yelling for me. She had fallen down 1 concrete stair. So I ran (of course I had a sprained ankle at this time, so I was limping through it), anyway I ran to grab her and she was crying but there were no scrapes or bruises or blood so I thought “sweet”! Anyway, she was limping around the next day and I asked a bunch of moms what they thought and everyone said that she probably just sprained it – which I agreed with, and there was NO WAY I was gonna call Jen in Catalina and freak her out (those of you who know Jen know what I’m talking about).

So our little family spent the weekend limping along. I had a sprained ankle, Macy had what I thought was a sprained ankle, and Miles was recovering from getting 4 shots – we were a sight to see. When Jen got home on Sunday night she looked at it and we agreed that we should probably get it looked at. On Monday we went to the beach just to hang out and catch up, then on Tuesday Jen took her to the doctor and came back with this:


A soft cast and then an appointment to get the x-rays looked at and a possible hard cast. Well, as you can see now, we’ve got a hard cast and a little baby hobbling around the house. Who would have thought.

So keep little Macy in your prayers – I’m sure she’ll be fine, but we would appreciate you remembering us in your prayers – and come on, who couldn’t say a little prayer for this cute kid.

6 thoughts on “It's True: Macy Broke Her Leg!

  1. Greg Maitrejean

    What are the chances!!! Yikes!!! Sorry to hear about it- she will be in our thoughts and prayers as well…

  2. Mahmo Schneider

    And don’t forget to pray for Mommy, Daddy, Miles and Java (even Mahmo) as she’s already figured out the cast is like concrete-ouch-it really didn’t feel to great on my elbow!!!!

    For those of you that don’t get to see or “hear” her, you are really are missing out-we now call her peg leg! (Clunk, Clunk, Clunk)

    Her new pink leg doesn’t seem to be slowing her down, it’s just amazing how little one’s just go with the flow. She’s a little doll, I just love her so much, and her bubu even makes her all the cuter.

    Love you Matty-and I pray for you to heal
    Mahmo Schneider

  3. James McLean

    wow! so bizarre. wish i could give her a hug. she looks like Emily when she was little in that second pic.

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