It's Time for FUEL!

If you’ve been reading the ol’ blog for a while you probably are familiar with my obsession with learning about leadership. You’ve probably seen the name Sam Chand dropped around here a lot, here, here, here, here, and here. Anyway, if you live locally (Southern California), I want to take a moment and HIGHLY RECOMMEND an event – it’s called FUEL, and Dr. Chand will be speaking again, and you won’t want to miss it. If you are into leadership in any capacity, in and out of the church – you will be blown away with Dr. Chand’s wisdom, clarity, and humor.

The best part about FUEL? It’s basically free! And it’s hosted by a very good friend (Pastor Troy Shedeed), at a very cool location (LifeChurch).

Here’s a little excerpt from the FUEL site

FUEL is a leadership conference designed to develop leaders and laymen within their area of profession. Whether you are a business man, pastor, volunteer, staff member… FUEL can be used in any aspect of life.

“Those around you, not the visionary, will determine your success.” – Dr. Chand

Make an investment in the lives of your staff and volunteers today!

When is it? Well, the main session is Saturday, September 27th at LifeChurch (THIS IS FREE!). There’s also a pastors forum/dinner on Friday, September 26th, also at LifeChurch. Go sign up today or email the FUEL team or call 951.813.8413.

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