It's RagamuffinSoul Week at BTB (Part 1 of 5)

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but the Bible talks a lot about honoring one another (Romans 12:10). I think we often overlook these verses, for various reasons. We desire honor above others, we’re afraid of others getting credit, we’re selfish, whatever. I’m out of town all week so I thought I’d do my best to honor, make a big deal out of, push you in the direction of someone who I have only met once, but consider a great friend & human being. His name is Carlos Whittaker and he’s somewhat of a Jesus loving blog freak enigma. So come back every day this week and learn more about this guy, his ministry, his blog, and his life.


This is part 1 so I think I’ll reach back as far as I can remember (I know it hasn’t been that long but…). I began blogging about a year and a half ago, maybe two years, I don’t know right now. There were a couple interesting turns of events that got me wrapped up in learning about the re:create conference (which I still haven’t attended dangit!), through that I found out that Bobby was blogging, and through Bobby I “met” Carlos.

I found out that he was the worship leader at Sandals, just up the freeway from me. I also found out what a worship confessional was. I immediately got on the bandwagon, and quickly contacted Carlos to see if we could get together and chat. Lo and behold, he answered my email and we started trying to converge our schedules (it never happened, but not for lack of trying). I did take some of our band and tech team up to Sandals for an evening service and caught Carlos teaching. I stuck around afterwards & waited for all the whooplah to end – went up to him, introduced myself, and just talked with him for a few minutes. He was generous with his time (even though his wife & kids were waiting for him).

At this point the biggest influence he had on me personally was through his Worship Confessionals, which I watched religiously. We recorded a bunch of our own & had a ton of fun doing them, that is until my role changed (how I miss those days).

So thanks Los for being real and starting a cool trend. It’s been amazing to see confessionals pop up all over the place!

Go watch a Worship Confessional today, and thank Carlos.

6 thoughts on “It's RagamuffinSoul Week at BTB (Part 1 of 5)

  1. Pete Wilson

    Great stuff Alex. I totally agree with you. You and Los both have blogs that I check out on a daily basis. Thanks for taking the time to honor him like this. We should do this kind of stuff more often.

  2. Matthew Daniel

    You suck up! You just wanted him to post a link to your blog! I bet your stats will go through the roof today.

    No really, thanks for the reminder about honoring each other – I really needed to read that.

    P.S. Los wrote about how he seems to have a bigger impact through blogging than in “real” life, so I thought it was interesting that (I promise I’m not a freak) you (Alex) were in one of my dreams this week.


  3. Kyle

    Again, this is why I blog. For the community that it builds. The friends we find. Good stuff. I look forward to reading this this week.

  4. alex

    Heather – awesome to have you here!
    R. Kristina – we’re on the same page – the ragamuffin always inspires.
    Pete – I am humbled that you consider this a daily read. I’m definitely stopping by next time we’re in Nashville!
    Matthew – you discovered my secret plan! But seriously, what a better way to grow your blog than to honor others? Even though that wasn’t the point, it’s an obvious outcome.
    Kyle – community is a powerful word and a powerful thing. Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad to be in the same community as you.

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