It's RagamuffinSoul Week at BTB (Part 3 of 5)

los whittaker roof of buckhead

Carlos has probably one of the coolest jobs in the Known Universe. I don’t really have to say much more. But there is a great story and some very cool things to talk about here.

When I first met Carlos he was the worship leader/pastor at Sandals in nearby Riverside, the 909. Then came the big announcement and the Whittakers were off to what many refer to now as the “dirty south”, or the “ATL”. They were moving to Atlanta, to work at one of my favorite churches, Northpoint. This isn’t really supposed to be about me, but we are at my blog so here goes.

I’ve been a huge Giglio/Passion/722 fan for years. It’s because of that influence that I left a job at an older style church for one that was doing things more in that vein (we’re still not there yet, but we’re workin’ on it). One November a few years back now, we flew out to Nashville, then drove down to Decatur, Alabama to visit Jen’s dad. While we were there we decided that we going to drive to Atlanta from Decatur to get to a 722 service. So we made the 4 hour or so drive, ate at Tahoe Joe’s, and headed into Northpoint. What an awesome night! I got to talk to Louie, and Todd Fields, plus Louie almost burned the place down deep frying a Turkey! Jen and I wouldn’t be the same. So all this to say, I feel a strong connection to Northpoint and Carlos.

Back the man of the hour. I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing about Buckhead (oh yeah, BH is a campus of Northpoint) cuz Los already did. Here’s some highlight posts that you should hit up today.

Read to your hearts desire here (just try not to break too many commandments). And while you’re at it visit these sites: