It's RagamuffinSoul Week at BTB (Part 2 of 5)

carlos whittaker tattoo

Just about the time I was getting to know who Carlos was, he started hinting at a huge announcement. He was going to be on the ridiculously popular spin off show “LA Ink“. So naturally Jen and I had to start watching. We set our DVR and spent the next couple months watching through every show, asking “who do you think is gonna do his tat?”, and “do you think I should get a tat?”, until finally – there was Carlos.

It was cool to watch and know that here’s a guy that we kind of know personally. It was cool to hear the story behind the tattoo. It was cool to watch the discussion over at And it was just cool to see another culture get some air time and hear stories of people’s lives, their joys, their heartaches, their dreams.

Here’s a little “behind the scenes” post.

Did you watch?

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  1. alex

    Justin, dude – after looking at that picture again you are SO RIGHT! That picture is totally man-crushy! ew (shivers)…

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