It's Alive, It's ALIIIIIIIVE!

Yup the ol blog is back online. In case you missed it, it was down from about midnight last night until about 8am this morning.

The problem? I upgraded to the latest WordPress release. And I followed directions too!

The culprit? A bad plugin.

The solution? deleted!

Thank You’s, Shout Out’s, Wup-Wup’s go out to: James, Will, & Pete who all gave me a little direction on how to fix this.

Oh yeah and I am lovin the new admin panel of WordPress. If you haven’t upgraded, you’ve probably just been like, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but I’m really liking the clean new “behind the scenes”. It’s not that hard, and just for the record… disable your plugins first. That’s all for now.

One thought on “It's Alive, It's ALIIIIIIIVE!

  1. Amie

    I’ll wait until I see you in person… Can’t risk any glitches…cause, like whats a plug in? LOL

    Amies last blog post..Gotta Laugh

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