Introducing the Blank Podcast

podcastI’ve been working hard on networking with worship leaders, pastors, & staff members from other churches in and around our valley. I’ve been blessed to have some good conversations with a lot of them, on many facets of church leadership, vision, strategy, & practical application. So, I kind of know about podcasting and thought, “what the hey” I’ll give ‘er a shot! I think I did it right (I set up our churches, that has been going for about a year strong) so I think everything should work out OK.

travis podcastYesterday I had a good conversation with Travis Tingley, Worship Pastor of Impact Church in Murrieta, Ca. Impact Church is about to celebrate its two year old birthday, and is a daughter plant of LifeChurch (where I spend my days). Travis oversees the Sunday morning worship at Impact, as well as playing in a local band, playing at other churches, and recording, mixing & producing at a local studio. Listen to Travis’ heart on some of these subjects:

  • The Roles of a Worship Leader & Musical Director
  • Leading with Electric Guitar
  • The Philosophy of a Band

Without further adieu, here’s the inaugural Blank Podcast!

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Blank Podcast

  1. Billy Chia

    I enjoyed this conversation man. I come from the camp of “have lots of people in the band and rotate musicians.” but this got me thinking a lot about “have one band that plays together all the time.”

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