Introducing Scottish Week at BetterthanBlank

This weekend, Miles, Macy & I went along with my parents to the San Diego Scottish Highland Games, in Vista. This was our second trip in the past few years. Let me just say that my parents used to drag us all over California to these things when my sisters danced and I played marching snare. I’m not gonna lie, being 12 and in a kilt was about the most un-cool thing on the planet. Now that I’m 33, it’s looking a lot more attractive, might I say?

So in honor of my family heritage all this week is “Scottish Week” at BetterthanBlank. We’ll be talking about everything Scottish, because EVERYTHING ELSE IS CRAP! (sorry if you don’t recognize that line…). Basically everyday this week I’ll do a new post on something Scottish – sound fun? I think so.

I thought I’d start off by showing you what a day at the Scottish Games looks like, let’s go. (warning: this post has lots of pictures and a video – if you’re not into that, well then, just stop here I guess).

Let’s kick things right off with a video. This is a quick overview of the experience:

Me and Miles. Mom was working out of town. We missed her a ton.

Me and Macy. She was stoked to go do something fun after being cooped up in the house with her cast all week.

You can pretty much sum up the games with this picture: kilts, drums, beer – and not necessarily in that order.

The row of Clans. Each tent represents a different Scottish Clan, or family name.

And this be our Clan tent, the MacLeans!

These guys just look awesome.

Miles tried on some armor.

Macy got a ring (which is now lost somewhere in the car).

Meat Pies – it’s whats for dinner.

Yes you can sit like that as long as you’ve got your wallet hanging there…

You might be Scottish if this is your license plate…

You might be Scottish if you have a shirt that shows a guy with a decapitated head on the end of his sword…

Miles got spoiled.

The best part about the Scottish Games? The ride home…

OK, not really, but it sure is nice and quiet.

It was a great day, lots of fun. I have to give a shout out to my parents who hooked us all up on this trip – Thanks mom & dad. There’s a few more pictures here if your interested. I’m looking forward to “Scottish Week” at the ol blog – I hope you are too!

6 thoughts on “Introducing Scottish Week at BetterthanBlank

  1. Catie

    This is awesome, I love Highland Games! My mother was born it Scotland, we are of the Campbell clan. I’ve enjoyed your blog for a while now but I think I’m hooked now, us Scots have to stick together.

    Caties last blog post..This is…

  2. Alex's Mom

    Ah, laddie, you’ve finally made it! The perfect Scottish boy! (Private joke for those visiting the site!) How many know Alex’s whole name is Alexander Lachlan McLean? He was named for the first MacLean in Scotland – Lachlan and he is the 4th generation Alexander.

    We had a great time showing Miles and Macy around the games although I think the Wicked Tinkers scared Macy a bit.

    Alex, I noticed someone on the blog is related to a Campbell! BEWARE! Twas the Campbell’s who stole your castle – twern’t for them you’d be living in Castle Duart today! HA! Just kidding!

    Words of wisdom for today?


  3. James


    Why do you think we had Hadrian build the wall? To keep the Scottish trash out…

  4. Alex's Mom

    HA! It’s called Hadrian’s Wall right? Hadrian being a Roman? Who had defeated the Britons? But couldn’t defeat the Scots so had to build a wall to keep themselves safe? You must be from Baja Scotland…..Alba gu bra!

    Seriously, Alex said he just met you – always glad to converse with his friends – God is good….all the time!

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