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Since I didn’t lead worship or play in the band yesterday, I was walking around taking it all in and thinking as I usually do – I can’t stop. I had this idea, and although I am sure it is not super-innovative, it may just be something to consider. I would just need some serious help and funding.

The idea is a live web-streaming worship service that is hosted by an internet campus. (Now I have never watched the internet service – so this may already be happening over there). But the idea is that it would be an almost “play-by-play” service. I think better with lists so here’s the rundown:

  • a feed from the audio/video production inside the service
  • a video feed from a sound isolated room where the internet pastor can communicate without all the AV from the service
  • a roving camera that can be taken all through the church
  • the ability to switch between the three sources
  • The online service would begin with the pastor welcoming people online and introducing them to what will happen over the course of the hour or so
  • As the music begins he switches over to the production feed so people can see & hear the band & church.
  • Then the pastor could switch back to his isolated camera and share about worship, or what the song means, how it ties in, etc.
  • Instead of listening into the house announcements and stuff, the internet pastor could share about relevant news and things designed specifically for the internet viewers.
  • As the message begins, the feed would switch over the the production AV.
  • Throughout the whole service, a live interactive chat box would be up and people could share their experience, questions, & comments.
  • Towards the end of the message, the internet pastor takes over and closes the message out & spends a few minutes just being relational with the viewers and inviting them to continue their conversations via a blog format or something.
  • Also, I think it would be interesting to include some live on-site interviews each week with, staff, volunteers, missionaries, attenders, etc – geared directly towards the internet viewers. It would “reward” them and give them that “behind the scenes” access.

I have access to a streaming server thanks to a friend over at Calvary Chapel, we’ve got cameras, switchers, etc. I wonder how hard this would be to get started right?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Interactive Church at Life

  1. Billy Chia

    lol, I actually have this post starred in my reader because I read part of it and wanted to read the whole thing and comment.

    Yeah I totally agree with you. My wife and I were talking today about Life Church and wondered if they have live chat going on during their online service.

  2. eric

    I think that Day 7 (Greg Laurie’s Church) has something like that going on. The problem that I’ve noticed with it is that I usually watch it a day later or something so I’ve never used the chat box.

    I like the idea of rewarding them for watching via internet. That makes sense!

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