Church is made up of imperfect people. If you believe the Gospel, then you realize that those imperfections are covered by God’s grace. That’s the core message of the Bible, and of the church.

At Church (and by “Church” I mean the evangelical, Christian, American Church), we say things like:

  • “We are a family”
  • “Come just as you are”
  • “We are a place of forgiveness”
  • “We are transparent”
  • “We are authentic”

And the list goes on…

What happens when we fail to live up to the calling of Christ? What happens when we don’t measure up to the standards we’ve set for one another? Not just leaders… all of us?

My experience has shown me that when this happens, all that talk about family, grace, forgiveness, transparency, and authenticity suddenly seems empty. The place that is supposed to be the safest, most supporting, most loving, most forgiving, suddenly becomes a place to be avoided.

How can this be? How come when we need help the most we run from it? And how can the place that is supposed to help, commanded to help, how can it suddenly, and sometimes viciously turn on it’s own?

No easy answers here, just a lot of incongruence.