We spent a day going through our file cabinets & shredding old files – we’ve saved everything for the past 9 years (we got married in 2000). Anyway we found an old file with some of my original art. I wish I did a better job of keeping track of things, but it was cool to find these! I scanned em & uploaded them to flickr to archive and share here. Check some of these out (if you click on the pictures you’ll go to Flickr, where I put in some more details):








Check out the entire set here.

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  1. heather

    Wow Alex! You really are an artist…Awesome!

  2. Whoa. Those are really, really good.

    Karls last blog post..Guitar Tone Part 1: The Importance of a Good Instrument

  3. man these are bringing back some memories. i totally remember that red porsche being on your wall.

    James McLeans last blog post..Bless the Lord, all his hosts, his ministers, who do his will!

  4. Very cool, you’re super talented!

    Kendras last blog post..Little B

  5. Dude, anyone who take the Rattle & Hum and runs with it! Sweetness man!
    I think you might have inspired the Narrow Stairs album art with the one below the Porsche :)

    Conners last blog post..Sunday Setlist Jan. 18 – Keys and Acoustics

  6. Alex, I love these. My Jim is an artist and Trevor is following in his footsteps. I can hardly wait to show these to Trevor. Miss you!!!

    Melissas last blog post..Line Dancing!

  7. Melissa – you need to get Jim’s art up on the blog!

    Conner – Rattle & Hum was jut waiting to get some love – how could you not?

    Kendra, Karl, Heather – thanks so much!

    James – the good ol days… maybe?

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