I'm an Artist (part 1)

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m an artist. Ever since I can remember I’ve been an artist. I won awards as a young child, began doing graphic design as a teen, and entered the work force as a graphic artist. Somewhere in there I was a ‘sandwich’ artist too, but we won’t count that one. I’m not saying this to say ‘whoo hoo – look at me!’. I was just reminded this week of the fact, that if you look deep into who I am, I’m an artist. I love creating – I love that there’s something ‘right’ about good design, good music, good art. Now I’m not saying that everything I do is ‘right’ or ‘good’ – not by a long shot. But you know it when you see it or hear it.

All that to say that when I was first hired on to LifeChurch – one of my main responsibilities was our graphic design and the look & feel of the church – which I loved! So I went and scanned all (or most) of our mailers that I had designed (hey it was way easier than looking through the hard drive for the originals). Here they are in all their glory – or not.

*disclaimer – I didn’t have complete artistic freedom on most of these – especially the crowded back sides.

Ah nostalgia…

3 thoughts on “I'm an Artist (part 1)

  1. Papa McLean

    I wonder where you got the artistic ability from? Grandpa George maybe. I am excited about what God has in store for you next. Maybe you and Jen could do special music at Sunrise sometime. Reading through the Bible is a good way to start 2009.

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