I'm a Magazine Freak

Yup, I have a real hard time making it all the way through books, but I figure I read about 1 books worth or more a week through magazines. Maybe it’s because of a short attention span, or maybe because I just don’t carve out a lot of time for reading, or maybe it’s the pictures, I don’t know. What I do know is that I love my magazines. Here’s a list of what I read consistently:

– Outreach Magazine
– REV Magazine
– Photoshop User
– Photoshop Creative (comes with a CD loaded with free stuff!)
– DV Magazine
– Technologies for Worship Magazine
– Church Production
– Newsweek (extremely slanted, a gift from my Grandpa)
– Sound & Video Contractor
– FOH (Front of House)
– Worship Leader
– Live Sound
– Layers Magazine

And then whenever I am:
– at the Dr’s Office
– at the car repair shop
– at the airport
– pretty much anywhere I’m waiting around

…I’m reading a magazine. I think the reason that I don’t read more books is because I need to complete the thought process in one sitting; so at least one chapter, and I rarely do that – usually I only get through 2-3 pages before I’m onto the next thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I can read through a book, sometimes I just blaze through one in a day or two – but that is rare. Usually it’s a discipline for me. And we’re not even talking about all the blogs I read on a daily basis.

Anyone else out there love their magazines? Which ones?

9 thoughts on “I'm a Magazine Freak

  1. James McLean

    ha ha! i think its because you are visual.
    i pretty much love to read, i’m crazy. books, magazines,newspapers, online articles, blogs.
    i read Relevant magazine (not always relevant, ha ha), sometimes Newsweek, and sometimes Men’s Health.

  2. Ed

    Alex, if you’re into magasines, have a look at our website and let me know what you think …

  3. Billy Chia

    hmmm… I actually find that I dislike magazines. I was subscribing to Worship Leader for a while but I felt like every issues had maybe one or two good articles and the rest was just filler. Magazines seem like they get artificial at times – they have a deadline and need to produce content to get it in for that month’s issue. Sometimes it’s just junk.

    Then again I treast my blog like that – I write a bunch of stuff, a lot of it sucks and once in a while I come up with a good post 🙂

  4. Vince

    The only magazine I have delivered to my house is Rolling Stone. It’s cheap and comes every other week.

    I pick up Competitor So-Cal when I am at Rubio’s our Jamba Juice.

  5. alex mclean

    Rolling Stone – I read that for like 10 years straight! It’s been a while now.

  6. Christine

    I’m kinda like you, especially because these days I just don’t have a lot of time for reading a book. I read Relevant, Worship Leader, Worship Musician, Christian Musician, Keyboard, CCM, Creator, and I just subscribed to Astronomy Magazine. I used to get Discipleship, but I felt like I was getting too many and needed to cut the one I read the least.

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