I'm a Closet Bluegrass Fan

I first heard of Alison Krauss when I worked at Hogan’s Music in Lake Elsinore, Ca. Ron, Block, the owner’s son, was in this country band, and we started listening to their demo’s or singles, or whatever we had in the store. This was back when I was a U2ite, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, REM, INXS days… But I loved this stuff, and it’s just grown on me. Ron is the acoustic/banjo player. I’m also a big fan of the other guitarist/singer, Dan Tyminski. Check out some samples.

Bluegrass anyone?

4 thoughts on “I'm a Closet Bluegrass Fan

  1. heather

    I LOVE bluegrass. Everytime I listen to it I want to learn how to play banjo!!!

  2. WorshipCity

    Man Alison Krauss’s voice is like honey!
    Did you catch my Bluegrass Sunday post?!?! You would have loved it! I’m trying to figure out if I can pick up the fiddle/violin.

  3. Karl

    Check out ‘Scarlet Tide’ by Allison Krauss and Elvis Costello. Mmmm.

  4. Ron DePalma

    I worked at the original Hogan’s House of Music in Lawndale, Ca many years back & am personal friend to the Block family. If you know how to reach Chuck, Ronnie’s dad please ask him to call me ASAP as an old friend has died and the memorial celebration is this upcoming Sunday in Torrance, Ca
    My cell # is 310-987-8804 and my home# is 310-328-0210.
    Again, my name is Ron DePalma and thank you for any effort in helping me contact Chuck or the family! Ron

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