iChat from Bahrian (Middle East)


Yup that’s “ET2(SW/AW) Stout or Electronics Technician 2nd Class (Surface Warfare/Aviation Warfare)”, otherwise known as my good friend, Chris. This is the first time we’ve been able to actually see and talk at the same time. He was sitting in a Starbucks in the seef_mall.jpgSeef Mall in Bahrain – which is about 7,000 miles away from home (Google Earth it – you’ll be amazed).

So this guy and his family (Stephanie, and their little 6 month old, Ryan) have been faithful LifeChurcher’s for the past couple years and we’ve grown pretty close. Chris is on deployment, missed Christmas, New Years, Steph’s birthday, his anniversary, will miss Valentines Day, Easter, etc. – so that we can enjoy the lives that we live with our families, and the freedom we enjoy (and take for granted) every day. So do me a favor will you? Leave a comment thanking Chris for his service (no matter how you feel about the “war”) – it’s because of people like him that we are so blessed.

THANK YOU CHRIS – we can’t wait to have you back home!

4 thoughts on “iChat from Bahrian (Middle East)

  1. stephanie

    Thank you Chris we love you and miss you. -Stepanie & Ryan

    and Thank You Alex for posting that

  2. Matt

    Thanks for everything you’re doing…we’re praying for you guys and your family.

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