I watched High School Musical

hs musical
…and High School Musical 2! That’s right, the cheezy teeny-bopper singing and dancing, lovey-dubby, technicolorized, overdramatized song and dance movies. Jen DVR’d it, for some crazy reason, and we had nothing better to do the other night. So we watched it. All I have to say is, wow, I can’t believe I’m admitting it. Miles liked it.

11 thoughts on “I watched High School Musical

  1. Rich Kirkpatrick

    Uhm… my daughter says the 2nd one sucks…

    I’ll be praying for you.

  2. Jen

    Oh come on Alex you know you like it. Its actually a good little show. The music and harmonies amaze me. Its cute. Come on lets all sing together “Together Forever”

  3. yeliz

    ich liebe euch
    ich bin ein fan von highschoolmusical
    hab ihr ein e- mail adresse
    es soll bitte auch highschoolmusical 3 oder 4 oder 5
    geben bbbbbbbiiiiiiittttteeee

  4. mira

    high school musical is the best movie i ever saw! i allready know all of the songs! what time is it is my favorite!

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    highscoolmusicel is the best zoc is doof ashley,vanessa and moniqua is the best. I LOVE YOU LUCAS.lucas is the best LUCAS:I LOVE YOU

  7. karen

    hola como estas todos por aya con la tercer pelicula de high school musical bueno me despido con un fuerte abraza para todos ellos y un beso para Zac Efron

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