I was lied to…

A few years ago when I was a youth pastor, I went to a youth specialties conference in San Diego. The keynote speaker was Mike Yaconelli (now passed on). He was great, I absolutely loved his charisma and style and what he had to say, plus he was pretty much a living legend. But, he shared an illustration with the crowd that went something like this:

“I had a guy in my church who really wanted to sing for Christmas – he said he had prepared this song and really wanted to share it with the church. So I let this guy sing and this is the recording of the performance…”. Where he played the horrible version of “O Holy Night” that has been passed around the internet for the past few years. This would have been towards the beginning of the phenomenon. And I was vaguely familiar with it because my brother had sent it to me. And I thought, wow that’s pretty interesting that it was at Steve’s church. Was I just being gullible, I don’t know. But apparently Fred got to the bottom of the whole thing and Steve’s story was just a tall tale, which I totally get, yet it makes me feel a little weird.

I know telling stories is fun and loosens people up, but shouldn’t they be somewhat true?

5 thoughts on “I was lied to…

  1. Shannon Lewis

    A few friends of mine & I were discussing this very issue a few days ago. I think it’s absolutely awful that a pastor would lie just to get a point across. If it were a joke, I can understand – but without saying, “Okay, folks – just kidding” it seems a clear issue of not letting your ‘yes’ mean ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ mean ‘no’.

  2. Scott

    I think the stories should be true…and if they are “borrowed” just be honest and say “I heard this story…”

  3. andy V

    I hate it when pastors/speaker do that! Something cannot be told as true if it is not wholly true. Why do so many pastors do this?

  4. Billy Chia

    wow, yeah this is a little convicting.

    I have the type of personality where I tend to play fast and loose with the details sometimes in my story telling. This is most likely due to the fact that I don’t tend to remember details. I remember the emotions of a situation more that the details. (Andy V. that is why Pastors do that.) In my view the spirit or the emotion of what I’m saying is true even if the details aren’t all exactly correct.

    It drives my wife nuts – of course she’s awesome at remembering details. I guess everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

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