I need your help


I’ve been considering changing alexmclean.net to something more understandable like alexmclean.com or something. Of course that site is not available but maybe I could come up with a more creative name. So here’s where you come in. Should I just leave well enough alone and stick with betterthanblank, or should I change it up and find something a little more personalized, or maybe something random? Got any suggestions on the url?

10 thoughts on “I need your help

  1. Skip

    Keep it…

    I made my blog the name that it is (somewhat obscure and not immediately understandable) because I was inspired by the name of YOUR blog. It makes people ask the question, “Why the HECK does he call it that?”

    keep it…keep it…keep it

  2. vince

    you could name it some obscure greek word that no one is quite sure how to pronounce.

  3. Karl

    I have always thought that the name was one of the best parts of your blog….even wished I had come up with it. It’s very snappy and witt….and I should probably stop with the adjectives before I sound even more like an old lady. ‘Snappy?’ Oh well.

    Keep the name. It’s awesome.

  4. Billy Chia

    Then you’d have to change your twitter and email as well…

    Keep it. I don’t think there’s much better than better than blank.

  5. Will Young

    I would DEFINITELY keep it, if I could do it all over I’d probably change mine to unobjectiveintelligence.com, but it’s soo long, and willyoungband.com reminds me a dream once had. 🙂

  6. alex

    Thanks everyone – with a renewed confidence I shall navigate the waters of the interwebnet as betterthanblank! You all rock!

  7. Amanda

    so I’m way late on this but I was going to vote you keep your name too 🙂

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